This is the time of the year! The time to get kickass gifts for your loved ones!
And on that topic, we have everything you need to put a smile on your relatives faces!

You'll find a hand-picked selection of awesome vapes and accessories below, and as long as you remember to order as early as you can, you're all set!

Take a look at the guide below, and remember that e-gift cards are always winner!

Gifts under 25$

STLTH starter kit (19.99 CAD$)

The STLTH device is your trusty ally through the day, as a backup vape or as a primary device. The reliable yet affordable kit includes the battery and starter pod, and is impossibly easy to use! Awesome for beginners!


DRAG Nano kit (15 CAD$)

The Drag Nano kit is incredibly compact, and is very pocket-friendly! The ease-of-use and form factor definitely makes it one of the most discrete vape around!


Carrack Vape Gift Card (10 to 100 CAD$)

Can't choose a specific item to gift? Give the gift of choice! There's something for everyone on our store, and let your loved ones pick from our great selection!

Gifts under 50$


RPM40 kit (42,50 CAD$)

The RPM40 kit by SMOK is incredibly flexible! Not only is the coil range immense (RPM & Nord coils compatible + RBA available), but the battery life and capacity is great! And for that price, it's a hell of a good kit.


N30 V2 RDA (45 CAD$)

The N30 v2 (Norris) is one beautiful, large RDA! With 6 airflow configurations and the ability to use the posts or go postless, there's a lot of fun to be had!


OFRF nexMESH tank (42,99 CAD$)

The OFRF tank is among the very best flavor renditions on the market. With long-lasting coils that produce dense and flavorful vapor, you cannot go wrong with this modern classic!

Gifts under 100$

Gata RTA (59,99 CAD$)

The Gata RTA by QP Design is without a doubt one of the most versatile tanks on the market. With the ability to swap among the multiple included accessories to shape your vaping style, you get the ability to vape exactly like you want!


Vinci X kit (54,99 CAD$)

The Vinci X is the latest model of the series, and features the same great specs as the other Vinci models, with the inclusion of a replaceable 18650 battery! You get a longer battery life, and there's no need to plug the device to charge it - simply change the battery on the fly!


Deathtrap II 30mm RDA (75 CAD$)

The second coming of Deathwish Modz's 30mm single-coil monster is a sight to behold.  With upgraded clamps and airflow, this is the dream RDA for anyone who likes to fiddle with coils!


Mulus kit (68.99 CAD$)

The Mulus kit features the classic design of the Billet Box or dotAIO, for a fraction of the cost! With adapters for multiple types of coils (Nautilus, Tigon, etc.) and a replaceable 18650 battery, it's an amazing sidekick!