Hi everyone!

If you want to change the theme on a DNA250c-equipped product (let's say, the Nostromo mod), here's a quick guide on how to do it!

First things first, you will need the EScribe software. It is a free tool made by Evolv (makers of the DNA-series chips) that will allow you to modify a range of settings on your device. You can find it here.

Got the software? A good USB cable? Now we're ready!


Make sure you have downloaded the theme file you want to use (it is an .ecigtheme format) and that you have EScribe open.

Then you want to connect your DNA250c product. Make sure the device is unlocked, and after you connect it you cannot use the device or disconnect it.

Once your device is connected properly, there should be different tabs on the top of the EScribe window. Look for 'Theme'.

When the tab is open, click on 'Load Theme...' and select the .ecigtheme file with the theme you want to install. The new theme should appear on the screen once you've selected it.

All that's left to do is click the 'Upload Settings to Device' button on the top!



Wait for the transfer to finish, then click 'Disconnect' before removing the USB cable from your mod.

Voilà! You've changed the theme on your device!