The Purge Ally pod device

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Getting Startted
  3. Ally pods
  4. How to properly prime your pod
  5. Troubleshooting the pods
  6. About this guide



If you’re reading this with a newly purchased Purge Ally, congratulations! The Ally is a fantastic piece of hardware, and among the top pod systems on the current market. If you haven’t gotten one yet, we hope this guide will help you understand the Ally better!

This guide aims to provide tips and tricks to help you get the best out of the Purge Ally. Keep in mind that good care and maintenance of any vape will result in a device working better and longer!

Getting started

The Ally houses the refillable pods underneath the top cap. Unlike other top caps or pod housings, the Ally uses a hinge cover.

The mechanism that holds the cover in place is a latch that’s located inside the cover, on the opposite side of the hinge. It is holding the cover in place using pressure, so all you need to do to open it is to hold the end of the cover opposite the hinge and pull it up.

Note that the Ally is designed with durability in mind. Knowing that the latch and hinge will be opened very often, Purge made the whole system very solid. That also means that the cover will be hard to open the first few times. Purge recommends that you open and close the cover in succession about 20 times before it will loosen up, ready for regular usage.

Once you got a hold of the cover, now it is time to put a pod inside!


Ally Pods

Like every cotton-and-coil pods out there, there is a few things you can do to properly prime a pod. Having a pod primed properly can help the coil last much, much longer!

A few things to know

Priming a pod for utilization is essentially getting the e-liquid to saturate the cotton, without firing it like you would normally do. Firing a device with a pod that doesn’t have the cotton saturated will most likely result in the cotton heating dry, which gives out a very nasty flavor. This can potentially lead to a foul flavor throughout the life cycle of the pod, even if it saturated afterwards.

How to properly prime your pod

Here’s what we recommend.

1- Fill the pod completely, close it, and let it sit for about 5 minutes.
2- Take the Ally pod, close up the airflow control ring, and take a couple of drag in the mouthpiece. Just a few, small drags will do the trick. This will help bring the e-liquid closer to the coil.

3- Insert the Ally pod into the device and set it to a very low power setting (8-10 watts). With the airflow halfway closed, take a few, short drags on the Ally. Do not fire for too long.

4- Let the Ally sit a few more minutes, then proceed to take drags on the device while gradually increasing the wattage to a setting you are satisfied with.


There you go! To make the pod last to it’s full potential, simply check the e-liquid level often. Refill the Ally pod before the e-liquid level dips below the coil’s openings, where you can see the cotton. This will prevent you from firing the device without having the cotton saturated.

Troubleshooting the pods

E-liquid gets inside the mouthpiece.

This can be caused by multiple factors, but the most common would be condensation. Condensation is perfectly normal, and when it gathers long enough inside the chimney/mouthpiece, it forms droplets. The droplets are then big enough to be inhaled when you take a drag on the Ally.

Other causes would be a change in temperature, a setting that is too powerful or the airflow is too narrow. A warm vape will form condensation much faster than a cool one.

If you get the occasional e-liquid droplets inside the chimney/mouthpiece when you vape, a simple fix would be to hold the device firmly in hand (while holding the cover, too) and giving a small whip motion towards the floor, to eject the remaining droplets. Be careful!

I’m getting dry hits/burnt taste

While the Ally can accommodate a wide range of e-liquid, you must keep in mind to avoid thicker e-liquids if you can. Tests shows that the Ally is working great with liquids that have a ration of 50VG/50PG, up to 70VG/30PG. E-liquids that have a higher ratio of vegetable glycerin than 70% are very thick, and are more suited to high power devices (like tubes, performance RDAs, etc.).

Another culprit could be a wattage setting that is too high, pods that are not properly primed or lack of e-liquid.

If you have a suitable e-liquid viscosity and your pod is full, try lowering the wattage setting and gradually take drags until you find something you will enjoy.


My screen is showing ‘Check Atomizer’

While the construction of the Ally is solid, like all pod systems the power goes through a pair of metal connectors that must make contact with the corresponding connectors on the pod.

Most likely, some condensation got between the pod and the device. Simply open the cover and clean the connectors. Another reason could be that your Ally got damaged, and the cover is not completely closed (if your hinge got damaged, it could be that the cover is not aligned with the device).


My puffs counter got reset

The Ally is designed to be powered on at almost any time. When you do need to power it down (5x fire button press), the puff counter resets. It is not a defect; it is how the chip is programmed.


About this guide

We hope you learned something about your device! While the Ally is pretty straightforward, there is a lot that can be done with it. Please note that this guide is written by Carrack Vape, and all the information above is simply our suggestions. The author is not affiliated with Purge in any way.

For more technical support for the Purge Ally, please contact