We get it, you vape.

We also get that driving a bubblegum-flavored juice through a dual-coil, 0.10 ohm RDA is kinda weird when drinking coffee in the morning. Hell, if you enjoy that, call us.

While over 65% of us enjoy coffee worldwide, you either avoid vaping when consuming your daily cup of joe - or you find a great, kickass e-liquid to pair with!

With coffee being one of the top beverage of choice around the office, we narrowed down 5 great (and we mean GREAT) e-liquids that are amazing paired with coffee!

5. Crave CINNA (30mL, salt nicotine)

Cinna is a very, very good cinnamon bun. With frosting. Unless you enjoy the taste of gravel and dirt in the morning, you know the deal - it goes great with coffee!

4. Thick Oil TOASTED OIL (100mL, regular nicotine)

This gem is essentially a jam-on-toast flavor, and a very delicious one at that. If you know a little about Thick Oil, you know there is little sweetener involved and that your coils will last longer. The 100mL bottle helps too!

3. Vapesey CAFÉ (60mL, regular nicotine)

This e-liquid has a great-tasting bourbon base, topped with a layer of roasted coffee. This is possibly the closest you can get to a coffee-and-liquor drink (that you can vape!).

2. Coastal Cloud CANADIAN MAPLE (60mL, regular nicotine)

Pancakes would be sad without maple syrup, and so is your coffee. This very straightforward flavor from Coastal Clouds is masterfully done, and we're drooling a little thinking about it right now.

1. Hope GOURMET (30mL, salt nicotine)

Gourmet is a delicious blend of multiple vanilla & cream flavors, without pushing it too much. You get a rich and delicious taste that is complex enough to give off different notes in different devices. The flavor is not too intense, and goes great with a bunch of stuff. Like coffee. Yeah, it's pretty amazing with coffee!