Hey everyone!

It's Black Friday time! We're a bit early, aren't we?

There's a reason to that - this year's Black Friday (which is set later this year) will bring an explosion of online orders like never before, thanks in most part to the current pandemic. We fully expect the postal systems worldwide to take a hit, and we know that waiting for a delivery that's heavily delayed is as much fun as walking barefoot through Lego bricks.

As our shipping delays are back to normal, we figured we'd take an early approach to the thing. But we're still doing it MASSIVE, like Black Friday should be!

Here's what you can expect :

• ALL of our products are on SALE! All of them! (well, except spare parts and some odds and ends).
• Discounts up to 70%.
• FREE GIFTS with every purchase! (we're not telling, but you'll be pleased I'm sure!)

If you're shopping for Christmas early (and you should!), this is for you. You've been eyeing this awesome RDA for a while? Now's the time!

The event will be live from October 9th, 9 AM EST through October 12th, 11:59PM EST.

Have fun!

Carrack Vape COO & CMO