Hey everyone,

We wanted to take the opportunity to address something a few of you have been asking : So Deathwish ceased operations, what about service?

We've been the non-official service point for Deathwish Modz since, like, forever. That is mostly due to our relationship with the North American supplier and Deathwish Modz themselves, and also because we're the primary retail platform for their products.

We fully plan to continue with our support of Deathwish Modz products as usual. What's "as usual"? Take a peek :

Carrack Vape customers are fully protected against DOA, damaged units or imperfect ones upon delivery. We do full unit swaps at no extra cost (aside from the return shipping in select regions) and we can dispatch spare parts at no cost whatsoever.

We make available a wide range of spares for almost all DWM products to date on our website. While we control the quantity allowed per customers to keep decent stocks for as long as possible, the process is quite simple. Need a new RDA sleeve? You can purchase one for 3CAD$, no questions asked.

We keep salvaged units & parts aside for special cases. They are available on an on-demand basis, and we expect a bit of explanations on your end.

As for Deathwish ceasing operations - we certainly aren't. We will ship spares all over the globe, whatever carriers decide regarding vaping products.

Your purchase is safe with us.