Hey everyone,

We may live in Canada, but certainly not under a rock.

We are aware of the impending ban on vape products by US carriers, and we wanted to update you all on the status of our US shipments.

As of today, we do ship to the United States.

We use Canada Post, which transits in other countries using their government-supported carrier. In the US, that is USPS.

While we're scrambling for a long term solution (we might join a private network in the future to help deliver our products in the US), we need to establish a firm date to which we will cease all USA shipments.

We will effectively cease to ship to the United States on April 20th.

This is to prevent any issues with the USPS ban on vaping products that will come into effect on April 26th.

When we land on a solution, we will notify all of you.
In the meantime, lock in your orders before it comes into effect!

Be safe,