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  • Apple Peach Strawberry - 60ml

    Experience waves of flavor from fresh apples, peaches and strawberries.
    $ 29.99 CAD
  • Berries - 60ml

    High Hope - Berries A blissfully balanced mix of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. Perfect for the sweet tooth.
    $ 29.99 CAD
  • Blood Orange Mango - 60ml

    Set out toward the bold flavors of this refreshing snow cone bursting with tangy mango, sweet blood orange, tart lemon and zesty lime.
    $ 29.99 CAD
  • Blue Raspberry Lemonade - 60ml

    Tangy and sour blue raspberry candy infused with a splash of tart lemonade, be warned this one is addicting! (70VG/30PG) (60ML)
    $ 29.99 CAD
  • Blueberry Banana Whip - 60ml

    Start your morning with a buttery blueberry and banana muffin from the coastal corner bakery.
    $ 29.99 CAD
  • Blueberry Lime Squeeze - 60ml

    Refresh in a taste of the tropics with homemade limeade infused with a burst of blueberries.
    $ 29.99 CAD
  • Bold - 60ml

    High Hope - Bold Closer to an American tobacco or a cigar, this will everyone that loves a full bodied tobacco.
    $ 29.99 CAD
  • Canadian Maple - 60ml

    A deliciously sweet canadian flavor! Indulge in a true maple flavor!
    $ 29.99 CAD
  • Georgia Guidestones - 60ml

    A fresh peach tea blend, with undertones of bergamot and cardamom.Conceived and made in Canada.(80VG/20PG) (60ml)
    $ 27.99 CAD
  • Gourmet - 60ml

    High Hope - Gourmet This blend of the finest creams and vanillas will give you a very comforting vape experience.
    $ 29.99 CAD
  • Ice Blue Raspberry - 60ml

    Remixed with the perfect blast of cool! Blue raspberry ice brings all the flavour of the original blue raspberry lemonade and blends in an icy kick to keep you staying...
    $ 29.99 CAD
  • Ice Mango - 60ml

    Rich mango nectar infused lemonade blended over ice with a frosty finish.
    $ 29.99 CAD
  • Ice Peach - 60ml

    A perfect blend of fresh peach nectar and sour lemonade now served up over a tall glass of ice. (50VG/50PG) (60ML)
    $ 29.99 CAD
  • Ice Pink - 60ml

    The classic flavour is back with this perfect balance of pink lemonade doused with a smooth chilled exhale. (70VG/30PG) (60ML)
    $ 29.99 CAD
  • Ice Rainbow - 60ml

    The rainbow never tasted better than this new blend of classic red fruit punch lemonade now with a nice cold kick.
    $ 29.99 CAD
  • Ice Strawberry - 60ml

    A perfectly picked strawberry frozen solid and served up with a splash of lemonade.
    $ 29.99 CAD
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