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  • Imp RDA by Deathwish Modz

    Imp RDA by Deathwish Modz

    Deathwish Modz latest product, the Imp RDA is a flavor-oriented 24mm atomizer branded with their signature engravings and general toughness. This squonk-compatible RDA features two screw-type clamps and a multiple...
    $ 79.99 CAD
  • Valhalla LE 28mm (VC x Suicide Mods)

    This amazing limited edition Valhalla 28mm is truly the best of both worlds.Combining the amazing deck of the Nightmare RDA and the incredible Valhalla RDA cap, this is the perfect...
    $ 85.00 CAD
  • Asgard RDA

    The Asgard RDA is already a classic. A 30mm atomizer (with a 33mm beauty ring) that can take anything you can throw at it, it features a really smooth draw...
    $ 79.99 CAD
  • Nio RDA/RSA Master Kit

    Nio RDA/RSA Master Kit

    QP Design strikes again with a brand new 22mm RDA, the incredible Nio RDA. The Nio offers a LOT of accessories and features, and the Master Kit is all you...
    $ 89.99 CAD
  • Valhalla 38mm RDA - Limited Edition

    The critically-acclaimed 38mm monster, the Valhalla, gets the Limites Edition treatment!   Available in Brass and Copper, the Valhalla features :• A rock-solid, 12mm deep build deck.• Very resistant 4-posts...
    $ 100.00 CAD
    $ 79.99 CAD
  • Unholy RDA V3 by Deathwish Modz

    For the first time ever, you can treat yourself to the standalone Unholy RDA! Present on models like the Suicide King and Stacked V3, the Unholy RDA V3 is the...
    $ 99.00 CAD
    $ 69.99 CAD
  • Stacked V3 "Canadian edition" by Deathwish Modz

    IN STOCK NOW - Deathwish Modz brings the V3 treatment to their stacked tube mods! And this time, we have a special Canadian Edition featuring a large and detailed engraving...
    $ 280.00 CAD
    $ 215.00 CAD
  • Kali V2 RDA - Copper & Brass edition

    NEW! Wider airflow exclusive to this model! The Kali V2 RDA is the only atomizer you need. Featuring multiple configurations and accessories (and a squonk pin), it can match all...
    $ 84.00 CAD
    $ 75.60 CAD
  • Kali V2 RDA - Master kit

    The Kali V2 RDA is the only atomizer you need. Featuring multiple configurations and accessories (and a squonk pin), it can match all your mods! Featuring an amazing postless deck...
    $ 84.00 CAD
    $ 75.60 CAD
  • "King of Hearts" Suicide King by Deathwish Modz

    Here it comes. The third generation of Deathwish Modz tubes.Strong off a fantastic V2 model, this new tube adds more features to the mechanical device we all love![Read more]
    $ 250.00 CAD
    $ 199.99 CAD
  • Deathtrap 2 RDA 30mm

    The Deathtrap II 30mm is the next evolution of the Deathtrap, the critically-acclaimed single coil RDA by Deathwish Modz!Featuring two sturdy clamp-style posts and a deep well, this beast will...
    $ 110.00 CAD
    $ 65.00 CAD
  • N30 v2 RDA

    The N30 v2 is BACK on Carrack Vape! This amazing gem of an RDA was designed by TripleSixModz (Martin Laforest, Deathwish Modz) and is now an exclusive product to Carrack!The...
    $ 79.99 CAD
    $ 45.00 CAD
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