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Made in collaboration with Carrack Vape and Valkyrie UK, we're proud to present you customized, completely re-plated Deathwish Modz G.O.A.T. sets!

Limited to 15 units, these matching sets have been plated in highly-resistant Rhodium, giving it a shine like silver, but with better protection.

Product comes with certificate of authenticity.

Valkyrie UK is a shop specialized in creation and alteration of various parts and products, with over 30 years of experience. Here's their notes on the project :


"Each tube and RDA cap was thoroughly inspected on arrival. They then were stripped in a chemical bath and thoroughly rinsed to remove any traces of the chemical bath. Then they were all pen plated one at a time with a 10.77 micron rhodium plating, giving it a mirror finish.
We can NOT stress this enough PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY POLISHING COMPOUND ON THIS RHODIUM FINISH!!!! WARM SOAPY WATER WITH A MICROFIBER CLOTH is all you need to maintain the perfect finish.
This plating will stand to any high levels of abuse, daily use is not an issue.
Putting this device in your pocket with spare change or keys is not recommended."

The serial on both the switch and RDA decks are randomly issued.
The G.O.A.T. tube and RDA set is a Generation 1 Deathwish Modz product. However, support and replacement parts will be handled by Carrack Vape. Availability of replacement parts may vary and is not guaranteed. This product is guaranteed free of defects and DOA.
Shipping out around the 26th of August.
WARNING : This device is intended to be used by advanced users, and you must correctly understand ohm’s law and security measures before using. If you are uncertain of the operation of this device, please refrain from using it. We are not responsible for any damage caused by the misuse of this device in any way. Use at your own risk.
Deathwish Modz

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[Pre-order] Limited edition Rhodium "G.O.A.T." set by Valkyrie UK

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